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South Ribble, Lancashire

Kell Wind Trio

Thursday 3rd October 2019

13:00 (doors open 12:45)

Longton Methodist Church, Marsh Lane, Longton, Preston


Made up of flute, clarinet & bassoon, the Kell Wind Trio will perform Mozart's Serenade No. 4 in C alongside Grieg, Elgar and Beethoven.

Since its formation in 2015 by three highly experienced chamber and orchestral musicians, the Kell Wind Trio has gained a reputation for giving lively and informative concerts at music societies throughout the North West.
They introduce every piece of music that they play - a feature of their concerts that is most popular with their audiences. Their programmes include music of many different styles and genres – from the music of the Baroque Era to accessible music from the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Kell Wind Trio is named after the pioneering English clarinettist, Reginald Kell who was one of the first players to play the clarinet with vibrato. In early to mid 20th century England, this was ground breaking and Kell often had to put up with great opposition.
The three members of the Kell Wind Trio have always held the playing and the quietly determined nature of Reginald Kell in the greatest of esteem. They hope that the naming of their group after this great musician will allow the visionary nature of Kell’s career to be remembered.

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